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Lhasa-Namtso Lake- Tshurphu Monastery 6-Day Journey

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Namtso Lake, cradled amidst the lofty peaks of the Tibetan Plateau, is a testament to the sublime beauty and spiritual depth of the region. Enveloped in myth and legend, this shimmering expanse of azure waters has drawn pilgrims, poets, and seekers of truth for centuries, offering a glimpse into the eternal mysteries of the Tibetan landscape.

Sacred Significance of Namtso Lake:

Namtso Lake

Tibetans revere Namtso as one of the holiest lakes in their land, often referring to it as “Heavenly Lake” or “Lake of the Sky.” According to ancient Buddhist texts, the lake is considered a sacred mandala, a reflection of the celestial realms where enlightened beings reside. Its pristine waters are believed to possess healing properties, and pilgrims from far and wide journey here to bathe in its purifying essence and seek blessings for themselves and their loved ones.

Trekking Tashido Island: A Spiritual Odyssey

One of the highlights of a visit to Namtso is the opportunity to explore Tashido Island, a secluded sanctuary nestled within the heart of the lake. Accessible only by foot or horseback, the journey to Tashido Island is as much a spiritual odyssey as it is a physical one. As you traverse the rugged terrain and wind your way along the shores, you’ll encounter ancient monastic retreats, sacred caves, and prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, each imbued with the energy of centuries of devotion and meditation.

Upon reaching the island, you’ll be greeted by panoramic views of the surrounding lake and mountains, stretching as far as the eye can see. Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in quiet contemplation, meditation, or simply soak in the profound sense of peace that permeates the air.

Captivating Beauty

Namtso’s allure lies not only in its spiritual significance but also in its breathtaking natural beauty. The lake’s crystalline waters shimmer in the sunlight, reflecting the ever-changing hues of the sky above. Surrounding the lake, rugged cliffs and grassy meadows give way to snow-capped peaks, creating a dramatic backdrop that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Throughout the day, the play of light and shadow casts a spellbinding spell over the landscape, transforming it into a realm of ethereal beauty and mystery. Whether you’re hiking along the shoreline, gazing out across the vast expanse of water, or simply sitting in quiet contemplation, Namtso offers an experience that is both humbling and uplifting, reminding us of the timeless majesty of the natural world.

As you stand on the shores of Namtso Lake, surrounded by the grandeur of the Tibetan Plateau, you’ll feel a profound sense of connection to something greater than yourself. In this sacred sanctuary, where the boundaries between earth and sky blur and time seems to stand still, you’ll discover a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the eternal nature of the soul.

  • Application of Tibet Permits for Foreigners and Taiwanese

Foreigners (including overseas Chinese) need to provide information to the Tibet Tourism Bureau to apply for “ Tibet Travel Permission”. You need to provide documents according to our guidance.

  • If you are coming to China for tourism purpose with “L” Chinese tourist visa, you need to provide clear and complete passport page images and Chinese visa images.
  • If you are working, studying, residing in China, or visiting China for business, in addition to your passport and visa images, you also need to provide certificate from your Chinese company or school.
  • If you plan to enter Tibet directly from Nepal, you need to personally visit the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to apply for a Chinese visa(Single Entry 30 days). Please go to our local office in Kathmandu at least 3 working days in advance, We will arrange all the procedures for your Chinese visa application. If you previously have a Chinese visa, your existing visa will be revoked upon obtaining the new visa. In addition to the visa fee charged by the embassy, you are required to pay an additional $20 service fee for visa processing.

The entire procedure is fully serviced, you just simply provide the documents to our travel agency. The deadline for submitting the application is 10 working days before the tour departure. If want to go to Mt.Kailash, you need to send the documents to us 15-20 working days in advance.

Once all approval procedures are completed, we will send the Tibet Travel Permission to your designated address via email or mail (within China only). When boarding the train/flight, the staff at the port will check your Tibet Travel Permission, please ensure its proper safekeeping.

  • Airport and Train Station Shuttle Service

Our services include shuttle transfers between Lhasa Airport or train station to downtown in Lhasa. Upon your arrival , our airport service coordinator will arrange for your transfer from the airport or train station to your hotel in the city. Similarly, when you depart from Lhasa, your airport drop-off service will be pre-arranged.

As the arrival times of tourists vary, we have specified several time slots for your service. When booking your flight, please try to choose a flight that arrives in Lhasa around the scheduled shuttle service times to avoid extended waiting times at the airport. if the number of arriving tourists is less than 3 at the same time, we may use public transport to take you from the airport to the city.


Shuttle Schedule from Airport to Lhasa Shuttle Schedule from Lhasa to Airport
10:00(Morning Arrival)

13:30(Afternoon Arrival 1)

16:00(Afternoon Arrival 2)

18:30(Evening Arrival)

06:30(Morning Departure 1)

08:00(Morning Departure 2)

12:00(Afternoon Departure)


Airport to Lhasa covers a distance of 70 kilometers and takes approximately 60 minutes.

Arrival in Lhasa by train, we will pick you up according to your arrival time with no waiting required.
For arrivals at non-scheduled times, additional charges may apply for the airport shuttle service. Require if you need.

So come, embark on a journey of discovery to Namtso Lake, and immerse yourself in the beauty, spirituality, and profound wisdom of Tibet’s most sacred waters. Whether you come as a pilgrim, a traveler, or simply a seeker of truth, Namtso promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul, forever drawing you back to its shores in search of deeper understanding and inner peace.

Required Tips

While you traveling in Tibet, it is kindly required to tip the guide and driver if you are satisfied and appreciate their services. We recommend tipping $7 per day per person to be shared between the driver and guide.

Tour Notice

  • Before applying for the Tibet Travel Permit, please ensure that your passport has a validity period of at least 6 months.
  • When entering Tibet from Kathmandu, China visa needs to be processed in Kathmandu. Please do not apply in your home country in advance. If tourists previously had a long-term valid Chinese visa, it will be replaced with a 30-day valid group tourist visa when applying in Kathmandu.
  • Only Chinese Yuan is accepted in Tibet. If you need Chinese Yuan, you can exchange it with US dollars locally or withdraw cash from ATMs.
  • Maintain good health before entering Tibet and avoid catching a cold.
  • When traveling on transportation to Tibet, both the airport and train station will check the Tibet Travel Permit. Please keep this official document safe and avoid writing or drawing on it.
  • Before traveling to Tibet, please confirm that you have received the Tibet Travel Permit and check and verify your personal information.
  • People with serious hypertension, heart disease, asthma, pregnant women, etc., are not recommended to travel to Tibet.
  • If worried about altitude sickness after entering Tibet, you can take a moderate amount of Rhodiola oral liquid or capsules before entering.
  • During the Tibet tour, you are required to travel with the group throughout the journey and cannot leave the group activities at will.
  • Pack vitamins and regular medications in your luggage.
  • When traveling at high altitudes, drink plenty of water, engage in slow-paced activities, and consume fruits and vitamin supplements.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol when you are new to high altitudes.

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Day 01 Arrive in Lhasa, Airport/Train Station Pickup, Check-in at the Hotel

Welcome to Tibet! Upon your arrival, our friendly guide and driver will warmly welcome you at the airport, presenting you with a traditional Tibetan white scarf called "Khata." With just a one-hour drive on the expressway (70 kilometers), the driver will take you to comfortable hotel in downtown Lhasa. After checking in at the hotel, take the time to rest and acclimatize to the altitude (3,650 meters), ensuring a good and healthy start to your journey on the plateau.

Day 02 Lhasa City Tour: Visit Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery Debating

Today, you will explore two distinctive Monastery in Lhasa, Drepung and Sera, both offering a unique insight into Tibetan Buddhism. You will visit the Buddhist halls, Buddhist colleges, and the monks' kitchen, witnessing how they engage in special debates to study Buddhist teachings. Sera Monastery is renowned for its lively Buddhist debates, showcasing the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. Monks employ exaggerated body language, engaging in dance-like discussions about Buddhist philosophy, demonstrating their knowledge in a spirited manner. In the evening, the guide will accompany the group to a traditional Tibetan restaurant for a welcome dinner, marking the beginning of your journey in Tibet.

Day 03 Lhasa City Tour: Visit Potala Palace and Johkang Temple
Day 03 Lhasa City Tour: Visit Potala Palace and Johkang Temple

Today, let's explore into the treasures of Lhasa, the Potala Palace, the former residence of the Dalai Lama and acclaimed as the world's highest palace. The Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, the Center of Tibetan Faithboth, both designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Potala Palace, towering majestically over the red hills in the center of Lhasa, was once the religious and political center of Tibet. As you climb the 365 steps to the main building, you'll explore the Dalai Lama's former political hall, the prayer halls, and the tomb stupa. Here, you'll encounter remarkable murals and exquisite Buddha statues, showcasing the accumulated wealth and treasures of ancient Tibet. The Jokhang Temple, revered for housing the 12-year-old statue of Shakyamuni, is considered the holiest site in Tibet and a lifelong pilgrimage destination for Tibetans. You can join the pilgrims to walk in Barkor street and experience the soul of the city. The guide will also accompany you to a local Tibetan teahouse, offering insight into the social culture.

Day 04 Lhasa-Namtso Lake-Damxung:Grassland, Namtso Lake, Trek at Tashido Island
Day 04 Lhasa-Namtso Lake-Damxung:Grassland, Namtso Lake, Trek at Tashido Island

Departing from Lhasa and heading north, passing through the vast grasslands of Damxung, the journey to the sacred Namtso Lake is a mesmerizing experience. The beauty of Damxung grasslands captivates with distant views of the majestic Nyenchen Tanglha snow mountain, herds of cattle and sheep grazing on the meadows, and the smoke rising from the pastoral tents, while a winding river flows through the grassy expanse towards the distance. Upon reaching Namtso Lake, start by marveling at the breathtaking view of the lake, resembling a blue gem set amidst the grasslands, from the 5,190 meters high Lagen La Pass. Descend to the lakeshore and ascend the scenic Tashido Island for a closer look at the expansive lake. Feel the fresh breeze on the lake, witness the colorful prayer flags fluttering along the shores, and take ample time to rest or hike along the lake. In the afternoon, return to Damxung by sightseeing vehicle.

Day 05 Damxung - Lhasa: Chimelong Nunnery, Tsurphu Monastery
Day 05 Damxung - Lhasa: Chimelong Nunnery, Tsurphu Monastery

After concluding our journey to Namtso Lake, we will return to Lhasa. On the way back to Lhasa, we will visit two more cultural landmarks nestled in the valleys. Chimelong Monastery is the closest large nunnery to Lhasa and the only residence of female practitioners you can visit on this trip. Here, you'll not only encounter numerous practicing nuns but also enjoy the picturesque valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Tsurphu Monastery is the founding temple of the widely recognized living Buddha system in Tibet. Situated in the elongated Chupu Valley, surrounded by lush green pastures, this distinctive Kagyu sect monastery stands out in Tibet. Here, you might be fortunate enough to witness precious and rare artifacts, including the silver statue of the 8th Karmapa and the relic of the 16th Karmapa's leg bone. Around noon, we will have a farmhouse lunch on the nearby grasslands (or in the monastery's restaurant). Afterwards, we'll return to Lhasa.

Day 06 Depart from Lhasa, Airport/Train Station drop off
Day 06 Depart from Lhasa, Airport/Train Station drop off

Your Tibet journey officially concludes today, and We will accompany you to the airport/train station. We appreciate to spend this wonderful time with us in Tibet. Wishing you a safe journey ahead!

  • Tibet Travel Permit application service and mailing service within China
  • Entrance tickets to listed attractions and activities, Namtso Lake Environmental Vehicle Cost
  • Accommodation in star hotels and local guesthouses with breakfast throughout the journey
  • Transportation in a comfortable tourist vehicle with attentive and reliable driver service
  • Excellent Tibetan English-speaking guide
  • Farm house lunch, welcome dinner
  • Travel accident insurance and High altitude sickness insurance
  • On-board medical oxygen supply for travel in high-altitude areas
  • Exquisite Tibetan gifts and travel map
  • Shuttle service between Airport/Train station and Lhasa City1
  • International and domestic Transportation to and from Tibet
  • Single room supplement for solo travelers who require single room
  • Some Meal expenses not included in the Tour (the guide will assist in arranging and recommending meals; you are responsible for the cost)


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