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Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 8 Days Tours: Exploration of Nepal

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8 Days and 7 Nights

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About this tour

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is a land of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and ancient history. Among its many treasures are the vibrant cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini. An 8-day tour through these destinations offers an immersive experience into Nepal’s rich heritage, natural beauty, and spiritual significance.


Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 8 Days Tours

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 8 Days Tours
Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 8 Days Tours

Kathmandu – A Cultural Tapestry

Nepal’s vibrant capital, Kathmandu, is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with centuries of history, diverse cultures, and spiritual significance. As the heart of the country, this bustling city encapsulates the essence of Nepal’s rich heritage, offering visitors a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Durbar Square: Where Time Stands Still

At the heart of Kathmandu lies Durbar Square, an ancient plaza that serves as a living museum of Nepalese art, architecture, and history. The intricate craftsmanship of palaces, temples, and courtyards reflects the grandeur of the Malla and Shah dynasties that once ruled the Kathmandu Valley. Each step here echoes with stories of kings, rituals, and cultural festivities, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a window into Nepal’s regal past.

Spiritual Sanctuaries: Boudhanath and Pashupatinath

Kathmandu is a city of spirituality, adorned with sacred sites that attract pilgrims and spiritual seekers from around the world. Boudhanath Stupa, a colossal mandala representing the Buddhist path to enlightenment, exudes an aura of tranquility amidst the bustling city. The devout circle the stupa, spinning prayer wheels and offering prayers, creating an ambiance that resonates with peace and devotion.

On the banks of the Bagmati River, Pashupatinath Temple stands as a symbol of Hindu spirituality. This revered temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, witnesses rituals of life and death. The cremation ghats along the riverbank provide an insight into Hindu funeral rites, a powerful reminder of the cycle of life and the spiritual significance embedded in daily rituals.

Swayambhunath – The Monkey Temple

Perched atop a hill, Swayambhunath, or the Monkey Temple, offers panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley. Its iconic stupa adorned with the watchful eyes of Buddha overlooks the city, bestowing blessings and enlightenment. The resident monkeys add a playful charm to this sacred site, while devotees and visitors alike ascend the stairs, spinning prayer wheels and chanting mantras in a harmonious symphony of faith.

Cultural Fusion and Heritage Preservation

Kathmandu isn’t just a city frozen in time; it’s a vibrant hub where tradition meets modernity. The labyrinthine alleys of Thamel, filled with bustling markets, artisanal crafts, and diverse cuisines, create a fusion of cultures and experiences. While skyscrapers emerge in the skyline, ancient temples and monuments stand resilient, a testament to the city’s dedication to preserving its heritage amid a changing world.

Kathmandu, with its architectural marvels, spiritual sanctuaries, and cultural treasures, isn’t just a city; it’s an immersive journey through time, offering a glimpse into Nepal’s soul. Its vibrant colors, aromatic spices, and the rhythmic chants of prayers encapsulate the essence of a city that continues to be a living testament to the richness of Nepal’s cultural heritage.

Pokhara – Serenity by the Lakeside

Nestled in the lap of the Annapurna Himalayas, Pokhara beckons travelers with its serene lakes, majestic mountain vistas, and a tranquil ambiance that captivates the soul. Often hailed as the gateway to adventure and natural beauty in Nepal, Pokhara offers a serene respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Phewa Lake: Tranquility Personified

The crown jewel of Pokhara, Phewa Lake, glistens like a sapphire amidst the surrounding emerald hills. Its calm waters reflect the snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhre mountains, creating a mesmerizing panorama that lingers in the memory. Visitors can partake in leisurely boat rides, taking in the scenic beauty, or simply bask in the serenity of the lakeside, where vibrant prayer flags flutter in the gentle breeze.

Lakeside Bliss: A Vibrant Hub

The bustling Lakeside area exudes a vibrant energy, adorned with a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and shops offering a diverse array of experiences. Whether savoring Nepalese delicacies, shopping for local crafts, or mingling with fellow travelers, Lakeside provides a blend of relaxation and entertainment. At night, the lakeside transforms into a glittering spectacle as the lights reflect on the waters, creating a magical ambiance that enchants visitors.

Sunrise Splendor at Sarangkot

For the early risers seeking unparalleled views, a visit to Sarangkot is a must-do in Pokhara. The short trek or drive to this vantage point rewards adventurers with an awe-inspiring sunrise over the Annapurna range. As the first rays of dawn paint the sky in hues of gold and pink, the snow-capped peaks come alive, casting a spellbinding glow that is a photographer’s dream and a traveler’s cherished moment.

Spiritual Serenity: World Peace Pagoda

Amidst the tranquility of Pokhara stands the World Peace Pagoda, a symbol of peace and harmony. Perched on a hilltop, this gleaming white stupa offers not only panoramic views of Pokhara and its surroundings but also a space for reflection and spiritual contemplation. Visitors can soak in the serene atmosphere and embrace the tranquility that emanates from this sacred site.

Adventure Awaits

Pokhara isn’t just about tranquil moments; it’s also an adventure enthusiast’s paradise. The city offers an array of adrenaline-pumping activities, from paragliding over the Phewa Lake and zip-lining amidst lush forests to trekking expeditions in the Annapurna region. For those seeking a closer connection with nature, hiking trails to nearby viewpoints or waterfalls present ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.

In Pokhara, the convergence of serene lakes, majestic mountains, and a laid-back atmosphere creates an enchanting blend that lingers in the hearts of travelers. It’s a place where one can revel in nature’s beauty, seek inner peace, and embark on thrilling escapades, making it an essential stop on any journey through Nepal.

Chitwan – Wildlife Encounters

Nepal’s Chitwan National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, boasting a rich ecosystem teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Nestled in the lush plains of the Terai region, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an immersive experience in the heart of the jungle, providing unparalleled opportunities for wildlife encounters and cultural immersion.

Jungle Safari: Into the Wild

A jungle safari in Chitwan is an adventure into the untamed wilderness, promising close encounters with a myriad of wildlife species. Hop onto a jeep or an elephant for a safari through dense forests, grasslands, and riverbanks, where you might spot majestic Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, sloth bears, and an array of bird species. The park’s rich biodiversity and the thrill of spotting elusive creatures create an exhilarating experience for nature enthusiasts.

Cultural Encounters: Tharu Heritage

Chitwan isn’t just about wildlife; it’s also a melting pot of diverse cultures. The indigenous Tharu community, with its unique traditions and lifestyle, offers visitors a glimpse into their rich heritage. Engage in cultural shows featuring traditional dance, music, and rituals, allowing an insight into the colorful tapestry of Tharu culture. Interacting with the locals and learning about their customs adds a layer of authenticity to the Chitwan experience.

Conservation Efforts: Elephant Breeding Center

At the heart of Chitwan’s conservation initiatives lies the Elephant Breeding Center, dedicated to the preservation and protection of these gentle giants. Visitors can witness firsthand the efforts in elephant breeding, care, and conservation. Observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and understanding the conservation efforts provides a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance between wildlife preservation and human coexistence.

River Adventures and Nature Walks

The Rapti River, meandering through Chitwan National Park, offers opportunities for canoe rides or river safaris. Glide along the tranquil waters, admiring the picturesque landscapes and encountering wildlife along the riverbanks. Nature walks led by experienced guides unveil the park’s hidden treasures, from rare bird species to unique plant life, allowing visitors to appreciate the intricate details of the ecosystem.

Conservation Awareness and Responsible Tourism

Chitwan embodies the importance of responsible tourism and conservation awareness. Visitors are encouraged to respect the park’s rules and contribute to its preservation. Through guided tours and educational programs, tourists gain a deeper understanding of the park’s significance in biodiversity conservation, fostering a sense of responsibility towards safeguarding these natural habitats.

Chitwan National Park, with its thrilling wildlife encounters, cultural experiences, and conservation efforts, offers a holistic journey into the heart of Nepal’s wilderness. It’s a place where the roar of the jungle and the cultural vibrancy of the local communities combine to create an unforgettable experience for all who venture into its depths.

Lumbini – Birthplace of Buddha

Lumbini, a revered pilgrimage site and UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds profound spiritual significance as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the revered spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism, who later became known as Buddha. Nestled in the plains of Nepal, Lumbini is a serene and sacred destination that draws pilgrims and travelers seeking tranquility and enlightenment.

Maya Devi Temple: Sacred Grounds

At the heart of Lumbini lies the Maya Devi Temple, marking the exact spot where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Prince Siddhartha under a sacred sal tree. The temple’s archaeological significance and spiritual aura make it the focal point of reverence and contemplation for Buddhists worldwide. Visitors can pay their respects, meditate, and soak in the peaceful ambiance that envelops this hallowed site.

Ashoka Pillar: Ancient Legacy

Emperor Ashoka, a devout follower of Buddhism, erected a pillar in Lumbini during his pilgrimage in the 3rd century BCE, commemorating the birth of Buddha. This historic pillar, bearing inscriptions that reveal Ashoka’s reverence for Lumbini, stands as a testament to the ancient roots and global significance of Buddhism.

Monastic Zones: Global Representation

Lumbini’s monastic zones, established to represent different Buddhist cultures and countries, create a harmonious mosaic of diverse architectural styles and traditions. Visitors can explore various monasteries built by different nations, each showcasing unique designs, art, and teachings related to Buddhism. This confluence of cultures highlights the universal appeal and global reach of Buddha’s teachings.

Peaceful Contemplation and Meditation

Lumbini’s tranquil surroundings and spiritual ambiance provide an ideal setting for introspection and meditation. The sprawling gardens, serene ponds, and shaded pathways invite visitors to reflect on the teachings of compassion, mindfulness, and enlightenment propagated by Buddha. Many visitors find solace and a sense of inner peace amidst the serene landscape of Lumbini.

The Eternal Flame: Eternal Peace

The Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini symbolizes the everlasting quest for global peace and harmony. Lit by representatives from different nations, this symbolic flame serves as a beacon of hope and unity, advocating for peace among diverse cultures and ideologies, in line with the teachings of Buddha.

Preservation and Significance

Efforts in Lumbini are dedicated to preserving its historical and spiritual heritage while fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhism’s principles and teachings. The site’s universal appeal transcends religious boundaries, welcoming visitors of all faiths to immerse themselves in its tranquility and embrace its message of peace and compassion.

Lumbini, as the birthplace of Buddha, encapsulates the essence of enlightenment and serves as a timeless reminder of the profound teachings that continue to inspire millions worldwide. It’s not just a destination; it’s a sacred pilgrimage site that invites visitors to explore the roots of Buddhism and experience the serenity that emanates from this spiritual sanctuary.

A Tapestry of Experiences

From the cultural tapestry of Kathmandu with its ancient temples and spiritual sanctuaries to the serene ambiance of Pokhara nestled by the lakeside, each destination unfolds a unique facet of Nepal. Chitwan’s wildlife encounters and cultural immersion provide a thrilling yet insightful experience, while Lumbini, as the birthplace of Buddha, offers a sacred pilgrimage of introspection and peace.

Heritage and Serenity Intertwined

Throughout this immersive journey, the thread of heritage and serenity remains intertwined. The ancient architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and vibrant cultures showcase Nepal’s rich history, while the tranquil lakes, majestic mountains, and spiritual sanctuaries offer moments of contemplation and inner peace.

Nature’s Bounty and Conservation

The tour highlights Nepal’s natural bounty, from the Himalayan peaks to the lush jungles, fostering an appreciation for its diverse ecosystems. Conservation efforts in Chitwan and the reverence for nature in Pokhara serve as reminders of the importance of preserving these invaluable landscapes and wildlife habitats.

Cultural Harmony and Spiritual Essence

Moreover, the tour underscores Nepal’s cultural harmony and spiritual essence. It celebrates the convergence of different faiths, cultures, and traditions, inviting travelers to embrace the universal messages of compassion, unity, and mindfulness embedded in the country’s spiritual heritage.

A Journey Through Time and Spirituality

In essence, this 8-day tour is more than a mere exploration of destinations; it’s a journey through time and spirituality. It allows travelers to immerse themselves in Nepal’s soul, discovering its ancient roots, embracing its vibrant present, and being inspired by the timeless wisdom that transcends boundaries.

A Tapestry of Memories

Ultimately, the Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini tour weaves a tapestry of memories—of breathtaking landscapes, cultural wonders, wildlife encounters, and moments of spiritual reflection. It leaves an indelible mark on travelers’ hearts, fostering a deep connection with Nepal’s heritage and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that exists within its landscapes and people.

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  • Explore historic sites
  • Spiritual experiences at sacred sites
  • Enjoy panoramic views
  • Engage in adventure activities
  • Experience serene landscapes
  • Take a wildlife safari
  • Engage in cultural interactions
  • Visit the birthplace of Buddha at Maya Devi Temple
  • Explore tranquil gardens with a spiritual ambiance


  • Convenient transfers to/from the airport at the tour's start and end.
  • Seamless travel between tour destinations
  • Knowledgeable guides for insightful sightseeing and cultural explorations
  • Admission fees covered for specified cultural and historical sites
  • Provision of some meals, typically including breakfast
  • Support in obtaining necessary permits and managing paperwork for a hassle-free experience
  • Airfare to and from the destination is typically not included in the tour package
  • Souvenirs, extra meals, and shopping are not covered
  • Extra activities may require additional payment
  • Tour packages often exclude travel insurance. It's recommended to purchase insurance separately
  • Fees for visas are not part of the package
  • Tips for guides, drivers, and other service personnel are usually not included
  • Stays beyond the tour dates are not covered
  • Taxes and fees imposed by airports or local authorities are usually not part of the package
  • Costs for medical emergencies are not included
  • Personal transportation outside the itinerary is not covered


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu (1,400 m), our team welcomes you, and you'll be transferred to your hotel. The day includes a half-day of sightseeing around Kathmandu, allowing you to soak in the cultural richness. An overnight stay at the hotel follows.

Day 02: Drive to Pokhara

Embark on a scenic drive to Pokhara (900 m) in a private tourist vehicle, a journey taking 7 to 8 hours. Once in Pokhara, unwind and relax at Lakeside, where you'll spend the night.

Day 03: Sarangkot Sunrise & Pokhara Sightseeing

Experience the breathtaking sunrise views from Sarangkot (1,592 m) followed by a day of sightseeing in Pokhara. Explore the city's natural and cultural wonders before returning to Lakeside for an overnight stay.

Day 04: Drive to Lumbini

Take a picturesque drive to Lumbini (150 m) by private tourist vehicle, with the journey lasting 4 to 5 hours. Check-in at a hotel in Lumbini for an overnight stay.

Day 05: Lumbini Guided Sightseeing & Drive to Chitwan

Engage in half-day guided sightseeing in Lumbini, exploring its sacred sites. In the afternoon, drive to Chitwan (415 m) in a private tourist vehicle, covering a distance of 4 to 5 hours. Overnight accommodation is provided at a resort.

Day 06: Wildlife Activities in Chitwan National Park

Immerse yourself in wildlife activities within Chitwan National Park, encountering diverse flora and fauna. Spend a comfortable night at the resort.

Day 07: More Wildlife Activities & Drive to Kathmandu

Continue with wildlife activities in Chitwan National Park. Later, embark on a 5 to 6-hour drive back to Kathmandu in a private tourist vehicle. Enjoy an overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 08: Final Departure

Concluding your journey, our team facilitates your transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport for your final departure. Depart with cherished memories of Nepal's diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.


8 Day Trip



Frequently asked questions

You can book the tour through our website, contact our customer service, or use authorized travel agents.

Pokhara, known as Nepal's adventure hub, offers a variety of thrilling activities against the backdrop of the Annapurna Range. Paragliding provides breathtaking aerial views, while trekking options like the Annapurna Base Camp trek cater to different skill levels. Boating on Phewa Lake offers a serene experience, and zip-lining delivers an adrenaline rush with panoramic mountain views. Mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, caving, and hot air ballooning are among the diverse adventure options, ensuring Pokhara is a must-visit for both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts.

To experience a wildlife safari in Chitwan, visitors can embark on guided tours within the renowned Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accompanied by experienced guides, traveller’s explore the park's diverse ecosystems, which are home to rhinoceroses, Bengal tigers, and a vibrant array of birdlife. Jungle safaris, either on elephant backs or in jeeps, offer the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Visitors are advised to follow the guidance of their guides, maintain a safe distance from wildlife, and adhere to park rules for a responsible and memorable safari experience. Additionally, cultural interactions with the local Tharu community add a unique and enriching dimension to the overall Chitwan experience.

The best time to visit Lumbini for a spiritual experience is during the early morning or late afternoon, creating a serene and tranquil ambiance. These times offer quieter moments for reflection and introspection, allowing visitors to connect with the spiritual significance of the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The soft sunlight and cooler temperatures enhance the peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal period for those seeking a profound and contemplative encounter with the sacred pilgrimage site.

Several items are not included in the tour package like; Airfare to and from the destination is not typically covered. Personal expenses such as souvenirs, extra meals, and shopping are at the traveller’s expense. Optional activities may require additional payment. Travel insurance is not included, and it's recommended to purchase it separately. Visa fees, tips for guides and service personnel, additional accommodations beyond the tour dates, airport taxes, and medical expenses are also not part of the package. Personal transportation outside the itinerary is not covered, ensuring travelers are aware of additional costs that may arise during their journey.

Respecting local customs during the tour is crucial for a positive and culturally sensitive experience. It's advisable to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites; covering shoulders and knees is often appropriate. Always seek permission before taking photographs in religious places, as some locations may have restrictions. It's courteous to remove shoes when entering homes or places of worship. Additionally, showing deference to local traditions and rituals, such as greetings or gestures of respect, is appreciated. Engaging with locals with an open mind and a willingness to learn about their customs fosters a mutual understanding, enriching the travel experience for both visitors and the community.

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